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Create Your Own Menu


Create your own menu gives you the opportunity to choose what you want. 

Pricing is based on number of items chosen, how many people you would like it to serve, time of year (if items are in season or not) & if you want it dropped off *disposable or rented equipment*, delivered, set up, served, and breakdown/cleanup, date availability. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or dietary restrictions.

**Please remember that we are a husband and wife duo that currently

only hire staff as needed per event**


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Hors d'ourves/Apps

Entree - Chicken

Entree - Fish


Entree - Pork

Entree - Beef

  • Spring mix

        Mixed greens, sunflower seeds and dried 

        cranberries w/ a honey balsamic vinaigrette

  • Ranch Salad

       Crisp greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and

       croutons served w/ ranch and balsamic dressings

  • Greek Salad

       Romaine, ripe tomatoes, fresh cucumber, red   

       onion, black olives, feta cheese and pepperoncini 

       w/ a red wine vinaigrette 

  • Caesar Salad

       Crisp romaine, sun dried tomatoes, asiago cheese 

       and in-house croutons tossed in a lemony   

      Caesar dressing

  • BLT Salad

      Crisp greens topped w/ fresh tomatoes, chopped 

      bacon & sweet onion w/ an herbed buttermilk   

      dressing and crumbled blue cheese

  • Six leaf salad w/ cranberries, blueberries, pecans and goat cheese w/ pomegranate balsamic vinaigrette

  • Asian Spinach Salad

      Baby spinach, mandarin oranges, bell pepper   

     strips & sliced almonds w/ sesame ginger   


  • Classic Spinach-

       Spinach, chopped hard boiled egg, red onion and         bacon with a honey mustard dressing

  • Spring Greens, diced apple, spiced pecans and sharp cheddar w/ a dijon dressing

  • Southwest greens - 

      Tender greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkin 

       seeds, queso blanco w/ a creamy poblano 


  • Southwest Caesar 

       Romaine, sun dried tomatoes, croutons, queso       

       w/ a chipotle Caesar

  • Crisp Greens w/ Tomatoes, olives, garbanzo beans and shredded mozzarella w/ a roasted red pepper vinaigrette

  • Southwest greens - 

      Tender greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkin 

      seeds, queso blanco w/ a creamy poblano dressing

  • Greens w/ watermelon, cucumber, pumpkin seeds & feta with a citrus vinaigrette

  • Peruvian Ceviche served with Blue corn chips

  • Deviled eggs with candied bacon

  • Stuffed mushrooms with Italian sausage, spinach and cheese

  • Jalapeno stuffed with herbed cheese and bacon wrapped

  • Mini Cubano bites

  • Wild mushrooms and goat cheese tarts

  • Spicy meatballs in a roasted red pepper sauce

  • Sesame chicken satays with sweet chile sauce

  • Honey soy Chicken Satays

  • Petite filet, cabernet onions and bleu cheese on a potato crouton

  • Smoked salmon canapes w/ horseradish mascarpone

  • Pot roast & masher shooters

  • Smoky tomato bisque w/ grilled cheese

  • Pork satays w/ spicy peanut dipping sauce

  • Chicken and Vegetable potstickers

  • Vegetable samosas w/ yogurt dip

  • Bacon wrapped chicken bites

  • Chorizo & green chile stuffed mushrooms

  • Southwest tuna bites

  • Spanakopita – spinach and feta wrapped in phyllo dough

  • Buffalo Chicken Dip served with Fresh tortilla chips 

  • Wild mushrooms and goat cheese dip served w/ pita chips

  • Ruben Dip- Creamy corned beef & swiss w/ sauerkraut served w/ crostini’s

  • Warm spinach and artichoke dip served w/ pita chips

  • Crab Rangoon dip~Deconstructed Crab Rangoon - warm dip with crab cream cheese, green onions and wonton chips for dipping

  • Antipasto Platter- meats, cheeses, olives, mushrooms, pickled vegetables and more…


  • Charcuterie Board - 

  • Platter of cured meats to include: salami, chorizo & prosciutto, cheeses, nuts, dried fruits, pickled vegetables and more…

  • Sonoma Chicken ~Herb grilled breast on a Chardonnay sauce w/ sliced almonds, grapes and goat cheese 

  • Garlic Chicken ~Sauteed chicken breast served in a roasted garlic cream

  • Chicken Parmesan ~Breaded Chicken w/ mozzarella cheese and zesty marinara sauce

  • Chicken Tomatillo ~Grilled chicken in a roasted salsa Verde and topped w/ queso Blanco

  • Chicken Vera Cruz ~Tender chicken braised in a tomato, sweet pepper and olive salsa

  • Chicken Cacciatore ~Chicken braised w/ tomatoes, sweet peppers and onions

  • Chicken Florentine ~Sautéed chicken topped w/ Fontina cheese and a bacon & spinach cream

  • Chicken Cordon Bleu ~Seared chicken breast topped w/ smoked ham and gruyere cheese in a Dijon cream 

  • Chicken Picatta ~Sautéed chicken topped w/ a caper white wine herb cream sauce

  • Lemon Rosemary grilled Chicken

  • Chicken Marsala ~Seared chicken topped w/ a wild mushroom and Marsala cream

  • Masa crusted chicken w/ poblano & mushroom cream

  • Chicken Fra Diavolo ~Spicy herb roasted Chicken

  • French Onion Chicken ~Chicken breast braised in a caramelized onion and dry sherry demi

  • Grilled Mediterranean Chicken ~Herb grilled chicken served w/ a tomato, olive and feta relish on the side

  • Chicken Wellington ~Chicken topped w/ mushroom duxelle and baked in puff pastry atop a brie cream sauce

  • Chicken Bruschetta ~Grilled Chicken breast topped with mozzarella, served with tomato, basil, garlic relish

  • Tequila-Lime chicken w/ a mango Pico

  • French Onion Pork

  •   Pork loin medallions braised in a caramelized onion and dry sherry demi

  • Smoked roasted pork loin medallions w/ a spicy sour cherry demi glaze

  • adobo Pork medallion 

  • Pork medallions braised in a red Chile sauce

  • Salmon Piccata

  • Salmon Filet w/ an herbed caper cream

  • Margarita Mahi

  • Grilled filet w/ margarita sauce and mango Pico

  • Mediterranean Salmon

  • Olive crusted salmon on a basil pesto cream

  • Sliced petite tenderloin on a mushroom ragout

  • Braised short rib w/ a French Onion demi glaze

  • Grilled Petite medallion on a bed of cabernet onions and crumbled bleu cheese

Street Taco Bar.jpg

Omgg!! This duo is hands down the best to work with! Their food and cakes are, no joke, AMAZING!
Our wedding guests were so IMPRESSED with how friendly they were, how great the food was, and how the cake melted in their mouths! Amy made both the bride and groom's cake and went above and beyond!!!

Veronica R.

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